Suurlinna elu: koerad & kontvõõrad

kategooria: • graafika , autor: Arma , lisatud: 25.04.2017


2016. aasta sügisel valminud ja tolleaegseid elu keerdkäike illustreeriv proovitöö.

/–/ “People in a show.
All lined in a row.
We just push in by …
It´s funny, how hard we try.
Take a moment to relax!
Before you do anything rash …” /–/

“Soon our work is done.
All of us one by one.
Still we live our lives,
as if all this staff survives …” /–/

“Don´t you ever get lonely!
From time to time …
Don´t let the system get you down!” – Big city life (Mattafix, 2005).